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What Happens When We Abuse the Environment

The environment usually becomes unsightly when we do not take care of it. The more we abuse are environment, the more beautiful things go away. For example, certain plant and animal species that are beautiful to observe die off when we abuse the environment. When places such as coral reefs become destroyed and no longer exist, they are no longer around for us to enjoy. The earth becomes a less pretty place. When people abuse the planet by throwing trash everywhere, the world starts to looks like one big, dirty trash can. 

Making the Land Unlivable 

When people aren’t mindful about taking care of environment, places sometimes become unlivable. Well, technically, every place is livable. However, there are some places that carry significantly higher risks of neurological problems, birth defects and cancers for those who choose to reside in them. This is due to the fact that toxic substances have either been dumped, or have leaked into the ground. People who are unlucky enough or spend their time in such areas are subjected to dirty faucet water and tainted water vapors that naturally come out the ground. Some substances take thousands or millions of years to break down. It is without a doubt that plants and animals also suffer from land become toxic. If a person from Chicago has grease that needs to be disposed of, he or she should do research on grease removal Chicago IL. If he or she improperly disposes of grease, it could hurt wildlife. 

The World Becomes Unsustainable 

The environment has a way of protecting itself and remaining stable for all of those who live on it. When we destroy the features of our environment, things that naturally protect us in nature go away. For example, plants and trees are important because their roots hold soil together on a massive scale. When trees and plants go away, soil becomes less stable. AS a result, landslides and mudslides are more likely to happen. Such events are every dangerous to humans living near landforms where the risks are high. When we farm on the same plot of land over and over again, the land gets robbed of its nutrients and eventually become barren. When we over-hunt and over-harvest in nature, the plants and animals that we go after start to die off, and we end up having less resources. 

Our Own Bad Habits 

Abusing our environment ties in with people having bad habits that are generally self-destructive. For example, we largely abuse our environment by constantly throwing away things. The habit of throwing away things has to do with the fact that America is a very materialistic, consumerist society. In our society, people are judged on their material items and their ability to keep buying newer and trendier stuff. One can argue that this is a huge moral flaw in our society. On top of it, a lot of people live beyond their means, destroying their life savings just to buy new and to keep up with the Jones’s. Many people really do have he ability to save up, though they just live beyond their means.


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