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Things You Should Know About Transmission Repair

There are many symptoms a vehicle might give out when the transmission is beginning to fail. Some of these transmission failure symptoms include the transmission slipping, rough shifts, delayed engagement, fluid leak, and the transmission warning light. 

Each of these symptoms of a transmission failure come in different styles. The transmission slipping will mean there is a noise from the engine that sounds like a pitch or will start to wine. Also, the car might seem to be struggling or seem under powered. 

When, a car shifts rough there will be a noticeable clunk or thud in the shift gears. The transmission will feel like it is not shifting properly. Or that it is stuck in one gear. 

A delayed engagement can mean that the vehicle does not automatically go into drive. The vehicle could go from park to drive and just sit there not doing anything. 

When, a transmission has a fluid leak, it is a bit obvious. There will be dark circles on the driveway. However, it is suggested to put some cardboard down after parking the vehicle. If, there is more transmission fluid on the cardboard in the morning, this might mean you have a serious issue. 

The transmission warning light indicates that the computer is sending off an error message. This error message could coincide with one of the above symptoms. This might mean getting the transmission looked at by a professional. 

Maintaining your vehicle’s transmission can be a task. There is a difference in maintaining the vehicles’ transmission if it is an automatic transmission or a manual transmission. 

When, you have a manual transmission you are going to want to change the fluid occasionally. The maintenance on a manual transmission will depend on how the driver shifts into gear and engages the clutch. Other than that, there is not much to do with a manual transmission. You should ask the staff at the transmission repair Tucson AZ what the warranty is on their labor.

For an automatic transmission, you will not need to worry about how you drive as much as you will need to worry about keeping the fluid changed. You will also need to worry about keeping the fluid topped off. There might need to be a professional who assists you with this. 

The cost will vary depending on what is wrong with the transmission. If, the check transmission light is on then you might have something seriously wrong with your transmission. The transmission repair can cost anywhere from $150 to $2,500 or more. To replace a transmission, it will cost a little more than $2,500. 

If, they do not offer warranty, you might want to steer clear of this shop. You might also ask the specialist if they are certified in the Automatic Transmission Re Builders Association. This is an association that certifies transmission repair shops. If, they are not certified, you might be concerned.


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