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Things to Consider When Remodeling Commercial Space

In property management, sometimes you will need to complete a construction project for new tenants. Each type of tenant is unique in what their needs are. The size of the space, and what they request inside of it will all need to be compliant with building regulations. They will need the proper amount of fire extinguishers and exit signs, but the bulk of the work will be figuring out the layout of the office itself. When remodeling commercial offices, the things we need to consider is where the plumbing access is, walls, paint and carpet.

Plumbing Access

For construction in commercial buildings there may be several offices that need specific things built out in the spaces. Plumbing access is important for spaces that need a kitchen inside. Access to water will depend on where the closet water line is. This water line can come from other suites with kitchens or bathroom sink lines. If there is no water anywhere close, the space will probably not come with a kitchen.


Interior walls are important to any space. If the space is wide open, the tenant may want you to construct some walls to provide offices. They may also want some walls taken down to add open space for cubicles. They will also need to think about electrical outlets that may be needed. Will there need to be power poles installed for cubicles? These are things that you can go over with the tenant as soon as you find out more about what type of business they are running. It’s good to have a general contractor that you have a good rapport with to come in and take a look at the initial needs and make sure you are promising the right things can happen. If you do not have a contractor already just look for commercial remodeling services to get help.

Paint and Carpet

You may already have the walls painted a nice building standard color. The tenant may appreciate this color, or they may have their own wall colors in mind. If you are having a contractor build out the space, they may charge you a discount to go ahead and paint the space while they are in there. This may be a good idea, especially if they can do the carpet as well. Otherwise, you will need to coordinate getting the carpet done and the construction work in time for the tenant to move in. The tenant will need to make color and paint selections after they sign the lease. You can guide them along by showing them what is popular or easier to find and what will match nicely with the wall color they would like.


Office construction can be a fun project. You are making a new environment for hopefully a promising tenant. You have your goal of what their office will look like in the end, and you really want them to be happy with it. Aside from lease negotiations with them and getting construction approval on your side, the bottom line will come down to how you can best accommodate the needs in their space. As soon as they mention what they’re looking for you should start considering where the plumbing is, if walls will go up or down and what they want for paint and carpet.

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