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The Making Of A Countertop

Counter tops are essential to any home that has basic appliances such as stoves, sinks, dishwashers, and cabinets. According to Wikipedia a counter top is a multi purpose horizontal surface that allows people to work on it. It is typically held up by cabinets and can be located in places like a kitchen, bathroom, or other work place. To have one of these installed there are countertop installation services Bayport NY that apply their skills to remodel the countertops that are desired for a home. These remodeling contractors know what it takes to create one of these house hold essentials and one could only wonder exactly how it is done. In this article we will be discussing the process a remodeling contractor goes through to build a counter top as well as the interesting history of counter tops in general. 

What is the history of the well known counter top? According to certain data a counter top was originally made from the materials of stone and it was only purposed at that time to be set over a flame when cooking food. The next material that became introduced over time was not just stone but wood as well. This change in material became relevant when the kitchen area was more convenient than the typical stone over fire approach. As the nineteenth century came around the material of wood became selected only if it was the finest of wood for counter top remodeling. Other such materials included only some metals but mostly marble as a preference. When remodeling contractors set these up back in the day the finest counter tops were not located with the cooking utilities but instead were applied to a serving area or the pantry and these counter tops were only installed in the fanciest of kitchen settings. Regular wood was the material used on counter tops along side the cooking utensils even in the most prestigious kitchens. In the eighteen hundreds granite and soapstone became more popular by demand in the north east parts of the country but after world war two stainless steel and colorful laminated counter tops became the craze. 

How do remodeling contractors install a countertop? It takes a moderate skill set and about a day to complete but with a belt sander, scribing tool, drill, handsaw, jigsaw, masking tape, tape measure , and a few files it is a very doable project for a remodeling contractor to finish. First they measure the correct height of the counter top adjacent to the sides of the counter to be sure that the counter top is not to high for the underside of the counter. Second they drill in the build up strips into the sides of the counter top and then test out the corner pieces to be certain that everything lines up. After that a remodeling contractor will use a miter screw to temporarily hold the corners together before hand sawing off the excess counter tops and drilling everything in. The making of the counter top is thus complete.


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