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Storage Units are Safe and Secure

Most people are collectors. We collect important things, things that remind us of good times and good people. With all than collecting, eventually, we run out of space. That’s where a storage facility comes in handy. If you need to keep the things you have collected, you’ll need some place to keep these things safe. Using a self storage facility Falmouth ME will guarantee your things are protected in an excellent temperate environment free of extreme temperatures and the possibility of theft. 

Uses for the Storage Unit 

• Store a Vehicle 
• Store Business related items 
• Store Household goods 
• Short-term storage 
• Long-term storage 
• Military storage 
• Student storage 

What Can Your Store in a Storage Facility 

You can store anything from a vehicle to furniture, clothing and delicate ceramics. Storage facilities only exclude explosives, food and other fire hazards. If you’re between homes, you can store all your furnishings and household goods. You have the ability to store all your lawn maintenance equipment: lawn mowers, trimmers, leaf blowers, snow plows, rakes, etc. You can store appliances you don’t currently have use for such as a gas dryer when you don’t have the right connections. If you’re a clothes hog and own every pair of shoe Givenchy ever designed, you can pack them perfectly and store them until you can get the ideal sized closet. Collectors who obsess about owning the newest collectible can enjoy the freedom of obtaining new pieces knowing they have a place to keep them until they can one day be displayed. 

The Size of Your Storage Unit 

Storage units come in all kinds of size ranges from very small to very large. Storage units are made to accommodate one room full of furniture to that of a four bedroom house with two garages. The average storage unit ranges from feet by five feet to ten feet by 30 feet. Unit sizes go up to 20 feet by 30 feet and 20 feet by 40 feet. 

Storage Facility Hours of Operation 

Most storage facilities operate for normal business hours, but all usually have security cameras and alarms. They usually are open to storage facility customers 24 hours, seven days a week. The customer is supplied a security code that allows them to enter the facility and access their storage unit. The security codes operate the automatic gates and allow entry to the well lighted facility. 

Well Lit Facility 

Indoor units may be accessed by entry into a larger building or be in an outside unit entered directly from the ground. Some lights are automated and triggered by motion. When you enter the building, the lights automatically turn on. The same thing happens when you enter your interior unit. Outside units generally use light switches that have to be operated manually. 

The cost of a storage unit is usually paid monthly. The rates are based on the size of the unit and the location. Climate controlled units are more costly than outdoor units without climate controls. Still, all storage units are made to be safe and secure and they do offer much needed space.


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