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Manual Transmissions Vs. Automatic Transmissions

In the year 2018, drivers are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing what kind of a car that they would like to drive. Japanese, European, and American manufacturers all provide a plethora of choices, from two-seater sports cars to SUVs that can fit an entire family. Regardless of what kind of automobile you ultimately choose to purchase, deciding which transmission it will have is a big choice. 

Manual transmissions are seen by many people as outdated and inconvenient. This may very well be the case for you depending on your circumstances. Vehicles with automatic transmissions have become more fuel efficient as technology has improved and the automated gear shifting is very useful in heavy traffic situations. So, if you are a commuter, then an automatic transmission seems like something of a no-brainer. 

On the other hand, manuals retain a certain appeal. If you are an automotive enthusiast than you will surely be aware that the experience of using a stick shift is simply more engaging than the alternative. Therefore, many of the greatest sports cars manufacturers offer manual transmissions in their products. In some cases, a manual is the only option. 

Many drivers note the increased connection that one feels with the car when utilizing a stick shift. Changing the gears manually and making use of a clutch essentially make the driver part of the car. With automatics, things are much more straightforward, and therefore considerably less exhilarating. Of course, it is all a matter of preference. You can still have a great deal of fun in a roadster with an automatic transmission. You will find however, that you will miss out on some of the thrills traditionally associated with a manual gearbox. Do not hesitate in visiting your local transmission shop Cincinnati OH today.

If you are still on the fence about which transmission to choose, then you should know that there is a third option. Automatic gearboxes with paddle shifts have become increasingly popular over the last few years. What started off as a bizarre novelty in a select few models has taken the automotive world by storm. Many sports car manufacturers provide paddle shifts in their automatic models. 

Paddle shifts essentially provide the convenience and efficiency of an automatic transmission whilst giving the driver a greater deal of control over shifting. This enables a more dynamic driving experience when times call for it. Cruising through the downtown of a city going from one stoplight to the next is an ideal time to take advantage of an automatic gearbox. Flying down a highway on the other hand, is a golden opportunity to assume a little bit more control over the vehicle that you are driving. It is all about balance. 

Whether you choose an automatic transmission or a manual one, you should know that a store and service dedicated to them is the best place to seek repair for an old one or the installation a new one.


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