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Giving Your Business A Fresh, New Look

If you have been in business a while and have not made any changes to the building that it is in, you may want to think about having it updated with a new coat of paint and possibly changing other features of it. By updating the look, people get the feeling that you are keeping up with the latest trends in the market and they want to make more purchases from you. A good looking building will also bring in more customers that one that looks run down and old. Getting a new paint job done should be completed by a professional company that has done work for other businesses. 

Hiring A Commercial Painter 

There is a difference when painting a home and painting a business. A home typically involves, changing the color of the house and trim and can be done within a relatively short period of time. In a business, there are things that need to be done prior to painting that isn’t done on a house. If you have any signage on your building, this will need to either be removed or covered up during the painting process to protect it. A commercial painter will know exactly what needs to be done and will also make recommendations to you on choosing the right color for your building. Look under something like commercial painting palatine il. in your phone book for companies that specialize in this type of painting. 

How To Prepare For Painting 

Depending on the type of business you have and the type of building it is in, you may need to make arrangements for it to be closed for several days while the work is being done. Most of the time, however, painting can be done during your regular operating hours with very little interruption. As stated, signs will be removed or covered and you may want to purchase signs that can be placed elsewhere on your property for customers to see. If your building sign is painted directly on the building itself, this will require extra effort on the part of your painter and you should discuss this with them before the work starts. The entryways to your building should not be blocked by the painting company and if it needs to be done, should be done during your off hours. You don’t want to lose customers because they weren’t able to get inside your building. 

The cost of painting a commercial property can be high since the buildings are usually much larger than a home. You should have at least two coats of paint applied and this might entail additional cost. Get estimates from at least three companies for the work and choose the one that gives you the best price. You should also look online for reviews of the company before signing a contract. Typically payment is made in three parts, one third at the signing of the contract, one third about midway through and the last part when the work is complete. Get a written guarantee for the work also.


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