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Easy Tips for Maintaining a Tidy and Clean Home

Trying to keep up with housekeeping duties can seem like a never-ending and frustrating task. While it’s important to maintain a tidy and clean home, it shouldn’t be something that takes the joy out of life. There are ways to minimize the amount of time it takes to achieve your daily and weekly cleaning goals. It starts with establishing good habits and it ends with keeping those habits. After just a short period of time, maintaining a clean house will feel a lot easier, and you’ll start to wonder what all the fuss was about. 

It’s true what they say about making up your bed in the morning; it sets the tone for a productive day. Something happens in your brain when you make your bed in the morning – a standard has been set for the day. In order to simplify the process of making your bed everyday, you can start by removing any unnecessary bedding. For instance, some people have a middle sheet that doesn’t really serve a functional purpose. There are often pillows used for décor that are great for wasting time when you make your bed every morning, but otherwise only serve an aesthetic purpose. Setting aside the pillows and any other unnecessary element of your bedding is a great way to ensure you make your bed daily. If you have had a professional carpet cleaning Gilbert AZ, then there’s a good chance that you can save vacuuming your bedroom for the weekend. 

One of the most time consuming tasks when it comes to housekeeping is laundry. If you have a large family, it can be especially demanding. But there’s hope. If you get into the habit of washing at least one load of laundry daily, then the problem virtually solves itself. A single load of laundry can be completed in very little time, especially if you place the load in the washing machine first thing in the morning and place it in the dryer when you get home. If that doesn’t work for you, there’s also the option of placing it in the dryer before you leave for the day. There’s yet another option; you can place the clothes in the washing machine in the morning and start the cycle when you get home from work. The goal is to complete the load and put the clothes away before you end your day. 

One of the reasons why some people feel overwhelmed is because they are trying to clean in a way that’s meticulous. However, that’s not the way to go if you want to maintain a clean home. While it’s good to do a deep cleaning one day out of the week, other days of the week generally only require picking things up off the floor and taking care of essential areas, like toilets, showers and bathtubs. The weekday is not a time to be a perfectionist – you can save that for Saturday morning or any other day of the week that you designate for deep cleaning. Sometimes you just have to recognize that what you’ve done is good enough. By establishing a regular cleaning schedule, you can decide what gets done and when, which can alleviate any angst when things are not perfect.


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