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Crafting to Find Peace on the Weekend

Lately, I’m working through the week to get to the weekend. The challenges that come my way are nothing compared to the amount of joy that I experience when I get through it all. I don’t expect you to understand how much stress I am dealing with at work. If you’ve ever worked in an emergency room, you know how rough it can be for everyone when things get busy. Not only are people running around in every direction, but some of those people are busy saving peoples’ lives. When the week is over, I like to do activities that calm my nerves and help me cultivate a pleasant disposition towards beauty in the world around me. 

I’ve been crafting up a storm lately. My mother used to knit when she got nervous with my father being in the army. When I was a child I had the world’s largest collection of scarfs. My collection of scarfs were knitted by mother’s nervous hands, but they kept me warm, and when I saw how knitting helped my mother find peace in life, I guess something clicked in my brain. Since then, I’ve liked to do crafts to calm my nerves. Crafts are perhaps my favorite hobby to have in life. 

There are all sorts of crafts that we can pick up together on the weekends, but my wife prefers to pick hobbies that keep our home looking fresh and fun. We’ve worked on wall hangings together in the past. Lately, our weekend craft hobby has been designing any wall graphics michigan. They look great on the living room wall next to the wall hangings made of yarn. 

The power of art in the hands of craftspeople enables us to draw forth beauty that surrounds and impacts our daily lives. When I wake to see the beautiful work we’ve put together on the weekends I am taken back by how far our skills have developed since we’ve started. In addition to the joy my wife and I share, I have noticed what type of feelings our crafts bring up in other people as well. Just last week, a friend came over to our home and commented on how the wall art makes him feel. I was delighted to hear that he liked what we were making in our spare time. 

I’ve thought about selling the pieces we’re making, but it’s not really about making money with our crafts. There are plenty artisans who make an honest living, making wall hangings and other pieces of art, but I don’t feel like it should be about the money with what we’re making. We’re making a difference in our own lives by enjoying the act of creating something; if someone else likes what we’re making, that’s an added bonus, I suppose. With that thought in mind, I’ve decided to open up an online store to sell the crafts we’ve been making on the weekends because we’re running out of room to store our projects.

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