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Comparing Boat Storage Options Closely

For boat owners, storing your boat away when its not in use is often troublesome. Or, in the very least, it’s something that every boat owner must consider. In fact, as any owner will tell you, it is sometimes easier to buy a boat than it is to store one away. 
Basically, there are 4 ways to put that away. Let’s explore these options, along with some of the good and bad points. 

Garage/ Your Own Property 

Keeping your watercraft on your own property is a great option for some. The main plus with this is cost. Keeping it on your own property or land, there is no extra money to pay out. And, if immediate access is important to you, there’s no waiting to use your boat. Storage facilities usually have a requirement that you give them notice if you want to use your boat. However, there are a few disadvantages with storing it on your own. As noted earlier, space is a factor. And, to store your boat in a garage or similar structure, the interior size, as well as the width of the opening to the space is important. You don’t want to scratch or dent your boat every time you back it into (or, pull it out of) the garage. 
If you don’t have interior space to store your boat, you have to consider weather protection, rodents and security when storing it outside. 

Nearby Self-Storage Units 

Having lived in Western Washington State, I know that boat storage units Redmond Wa. are a great, cost efficient option. One big upside to self-storage units is the security in place. Similar to regular self-storage, most provide video cameras all over the property that are always recording, fencing around the entire site and gated entry with your own private pass code. Most facilities offer reasonably convenient access, giving you plenty of time to make plans on short notice. One drawback with self-storage is, as with home storage, you must hitch it up and move it back and forth from the storage unit yourself. 

Dry Dock Storage Facility 

Found near a marina, dry dock storage warehouses are another option. In addition to some of the benefits of self-storage units, the dry dock warehouse will take your boat out of the warehouse (when you request with proper advance notice) and have it on the water and ready to use when you get there. So, there’s no waiting at a landing to get your boat in the water. Although it’s probably one of the more full-service options, it’s also one the more expensive. 

Marina Storage 

A marina slip (or, boat parking space on the water) is great for those that mostly intend to use their boat in one general area or body of water. Being docked at a slip gives you access to it, even when you’re not taking it anywhere. So, it can serve as a hangout spot to meet friends for a day or evening out. You usually will have unlimited access, 24/7/365. The major drawback here will be crustaceans, algae and the like that grows on the hull of your boat because it’s just sitting in the water all the time. This will usually require seasonal cleaning, which adds to overall storage costs. In summary, these are the main 4 ways that boat owners can store their watercraft. It is strongly suggested that you perform due diligence through research, with cost, location and services available as a guide.


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