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Professional Septic Services Include New Systems, Cleanings, and Repairs

The septic tank for a residential home is usually made up of fiberglass, plastic or concrete. It allows for the wastewater from the home to flow into the tank for treatment. The tank helps to reduce organics and solids and are an onsite sewage system. Septic tanks are used when the area is not connected to the main sewerage system. Once the wastewater is treated it is then disposed into other drain fields that will provide more treatment. 

Sometimes this creates groundwater pollution which creates other problems for the environment. Many septic tanks are combined with other treatment units like aerobic systems or biofilters. This helps to break down the solids. Solid waste does not break down as fast as decomposition so the septic tank has to be cleaned out periodically by a vacuum truck.

There are different types of wastewaters that come from a residence. Laundry waste, food preparation waters, washing water, and bodily wastes all come from a home residence. All these wastewaters flow into a collection point called the septic tank. As the tank gets fuller it may overflow and show signs around the ground where the tank is buried. This is when a homeowner knows that it is time to have the tank pumped. Residential septic services Lancaster PA include testing, maintenance, system evaluation, installation and repair services. Whatever the homeowner needs to be done to their system can be accomplished by an experienced and knowledgeable company. 

A new septic system would need to be planned and permits acquired. Your septic service company knows how to layout and design new systems for their clients. They can plan the location and install your new system with the proper knowledge and the right equipment. It is essential that homeowners keep a routine maintenance program going in order to keep their septic system working properly. By staying aware of a good maintenance program for your septic system, homeowners will have small problems found before any major problems develop. 

Technicians from your septic service company can do an on-site evaluation of your septic system and make sure it is functioning properly. Once the inspection is done you will be advised of what was found and the best solutions to getting your system back to working properly. If you have ever had a sewer line back up into your house then you know what kind of a mess it can create. Backups can cause serious damage in your pipes. With pressure jetting the technicians can use a high-pressure stream of water to unclog the sewer lines. This high stream of water pressure will force the clog out and will not harm any of your piping. Both interior and exterior hydro line cleaning is available. 

Technicians will only pump your septic tank through the main manhole. They will check all the baffles and the interior condition of your tank while they are pumping out the tank. They will also make sure that there is no run back from the tank’s outlet while they are cleaning the tank.


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