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Reasons We Decided to Move to a New Apartment

We spent several years in our apartment and after the fifth year we decided it was time to move to another place. The reasons we needed to move included more space, cheaper rent, and different scenery. Changing your apartment can be a new an exciting thing, especially if you have reasons that are very important to you. Evaluate your reasons and make the move when you feel it’s right.

More Space

One of the reasons we needed more space was we increased our family size. After we had our daughter we purchased a large crib, and then we needed room for her entertainment, clothes, and her own little living area. She had a big swing and a few toys to ride on. Of course she also needed space to room when she was in her walker. As she grew older, we were able to get rid of certain things like the swing and the walker, but her crib turned into a toddler bed, so we kept it. The only remaining issue was that she was sleeping in our room, which became exhausting after a while. With a new apartment, she could have her own room, and my husband and I could get a little more privacy.

Cheaper Rent

In our single bedroom home our rent has increased by more than double over the past five years. At this point we are paying an amount that we would get for a larger place, but we are still in a small unit. Moving to a new apartment would allow us to potentially pay less for a bigger place. We could also wind up paying close to the same amount, but in the end we would still be getting more space for our money. The good news about our small place is that we don’t have that many things right now, so when it’s time to move, we can quickly pack things up right before we look up moving companies denver.

Different Scenery

Sometimes coming home to the same area can get old. This is especially true if you don’t own your home. Each day when we head home we’re thinking about any problems that haven’t been fixed on the property, how high the rent is, and how we really hope we can move to a different place. We want to be excited about coming home, even if it is to an apartment. A new apartment would give us a different travel route, and it would give us a different view from our windows and balcony.


Moving is not always easy. It can be really hard when you have a whole lot of stuff to move. We don’t have that many things, all we had to do is think about whether or not it makes sense to move. The reasons we want to move is for larger space, cheaper rent, and different scenery. We believe our reasons were good enough for the move to happen. The only thing we needed to do was plan.

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