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How To Use A Nitrogen Freezer

The blast freezer that you put in your commercial kitchen can keep things cold for long periods of time, and it can flash freeze anything in seconds. You need to be sure that you have found a freezer that is the right size for your kitchen, and you need to know how it works. Most of these machines can help you make wonderful deserts, leave something on-ice for hours at a time, and help keep your cold ties cold before they are served. Read below about how to use one of these freezers because they have many settings that make them easier to use. 

1. The Freezer Is Not That Large 

A liquid nitrogen freezer is not that large. In fact, a blast freezer is usually the size of a mini fridge. The blast freezer can fit into many different parts of the kitchen, and it has an internal cooling unit that only blows a fan on the outside. You can feel how cold the body of the freezer is, but it does not make the whole area cold. 

2. Why Do You Need A Blast Freezer? 

A blast freezer is helpful to you if you are making desserts, need to chill things for long periods of time, or you need to set something in a mold. Freezing chocolate in a mold is much easier when you use the blast freezer. The blast freezer provides you with a temperature setting that allows you to keep your items as cold as you need. 

3. Check The Canister 

The blast freezer has settings that allow you to raise and lower the temperature. You must check the settings on the device so you know how cold it will be, and you need to check the nitrogen canister to be sure it still has some fluid inside. The canisters that you buy for the freezer can be recharged or replaced at any time, and the canisters can be purchased at your local restaurant supply store. The canisters are not dangerous because they are meant to be installed in your freezer. You cannot use the canisters for any other purpose. 

4. Check The Trays 

The trays inside the freezer have their own slots, and the trays will help you keep your items on different levels to change how they freezer. Putting the trays on the top helps you freee items faster. Or you could pull out all the trays so you have a large space to chill something like a baked Alaska. 

5. Conclusion 

The blast freezer that you have chosen for your kitchen should be selected based on its size and price. You need a freezer that will fit into the smaller spaces where you might put small appliances. You need a blast freezer when you are working on desserts, making chocolate molds, and trying to chill something that will not be served for many hours. The nitrogen canister is easy to replace, and the freezer will work for many years with no trouble.


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