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What are the safety precautions in heavy vehicle training?

Heavy vehicle training is learning how to operate any motor-powered vehicle with a curb of over 26,000 pounds of weight, for example, an articulated trailer, or fixed chassis, or a truck and a trailer combined. Operating these kinds of machines, requires the technical skills from auto heavy rigid vehicle training geelong. Operating these machines not only requires knowledge on how to apply rules from training, but also knowing how to ensure safety in training. Below are safety precautions to observe during training. 

Speed Management 

You should drive at a speed that allows you to respond and completely stop when faced by an emergency and the speed should be within the speed limit. You should slow down in case of any potential dangers like gravel roads, wet or icy grounds and prepare to stop. Poor speed management is one of the most common reasons for road accidents and it should be avoided always. 

Road Positioning 

This can also be referred to as buffering in heavy vehicle training. Good road positioning involves making good use of the road space and moving away from obstacles to avoid collision. You should slightly move away from oncoming vehicles, pedestrians and parked cars. This keeps you away from accidents and protects other people’s vehicles in the roads. 

Regular checkups and Maintenance 

Keeping your vehicle in an excellent manner ensures it works efficiently making it certain you are not compromising your safety. If the vehicle is not well managed, issues like brake failure, blockages and other problems due to no lubrication can occur. Preventing something from happening is better than fixing it after it happens. 

Defensive Driving 

This involves teaching drivers how to deal with unexpected and avoid the unforeseen problems before they happen. It is effective in reducing motor vehicle accident rates, increase workers’ compensation claims, reducing fleet repair bills and insurance premiums, improving the trainee’s productivity and improving public perception in driving practices. 

Avoiding Drugs 

Drugs such as marijuana and alcohol alter the normal functioning of the body and impair your judgement which can easily cause accidents during training. However, drugs such as stimulants and medicinal drugs are not dangerous. Stimulants help the trainee to stay awake especially if he/she has been driving for a long time. 

Fatigue Management 

Exhaustion is one of the biggest causes of crashes for heavy vehicle trainers since they train for longer hours than private vehicle trainers because operating heavy vehicles such as trainers is difficult, and it requires more time to master. To avoid fatigue, one should get enough sleep, avoid driving for long hours, ensure healthy eating habits and avoid doing physical work like loading and offloading the vehicle. 

The weather is also something to put into consideration during training. Driving conditions can greatly be affected by the weather like in case of snow, rain and fog which decreases the range of clear vision. Safety is the most fundamental thing on the roads and all the above safety tips should always be observed to ensure success and efficiency in training.


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