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The Best Jobs for Car Enthusiasts

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Maybe you grew up admiring race cars or maybe you and your dad spent every Saturday afternoon tinkering around with engines. Whatever lit the torch that your heart still carries for cars, there are more opportunities for turning your passion into a career than working in places that fix brakes. Try out some of these ideas to satisfy your affection for automobiles.


Be part of the team that comes up with new ways to market vehicles. Work for your favorite brand or apply to work for the ad agency that created your favorite campaign. If you are more technically minded, mobile apps and digital campaigns are very effective marketing tools right now.

Auto Restorer

If you believe that all new vehicles are simply cheap knockoffs of the fine workmanship of yesteryear, being an auto restorer may be for you. Spend your days watching the natural beauty hidden under years of neglect shine through. Maybe Jay Leno is looking for help.

Design Engineer

How many times do you critique the new car models thinking that if they had just added a little more curve here or a little more slope there that it would be perfect? Maybe you should be the one designing the cars. After all, someone has to design the new look.

Test Driver

Those fabulous luxury supercar makers like Lamborghini and Maserati use test drivers for their new models. Drive one without committing to the high price tag or expensive insurance that comes with the luxury sports vehicles.

Pit Crew

The best of the best in mechanics get to live the racing life. Winning pit crews also make a lot of money. Who’s calling who a grease monkey now?

Racecar Driver

The thrill of the race and the rush of the win is what attracts people to the racing world. The cars are fast and the notoriety isn’t half bad for your social life. Just keep in mind that it takes a lot of work to keep sponsors happy and on your team. The money is pretty nice, too.


If you can’t buy them, sell them. Collectors love to find a bargain, fix it up then resell it. A talented auctioneer can make a very good salary and you’ll get to be around all those beautiful classic cars without having to pay a thing.


If you don’t want to rebuild them or buy them, write about them. Car enthusiasts love to read about the vehicles that fuel their passions.



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