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Gas VS Electric Water Heater: Which one is more energy efficient?

Have you ever wondered where the hot water in your taps comes from? Or you like many others just take it for granted, until of course one day the water is just cold and that makes you all frantic and call your dad for help!

But ignoring your hot water system also means that you might be missing out on ways to save energy. Studies have shown that water heaters generally take up about 18% of your average bill.

There are several ways for you to save energy e.g. not letting the hot water run while washing your hands or brushing, take shorter showers or better use a water bucket to bathe. But knowing how to choose a hot water system that is energy efficient gives you a head start on lowering your energy consumption from day one.

Gas vs. Electric Hot Water Systems

For most consumers, the deal breaker between two items is always the price. It is common knowledge that gas is almost always cheaper than electricity, given that your house has a stable natural gas connection. Considering utility rates, Electric Hot Water Systems cost around $43 to run while on the other hand a Hot water system that runs on gas can cost approximately $30 per month. But other than being cheaper there are many other factors to consider as well. Here are some ways in which Electric heaters are better than gas ones

  • First of all, electric heaters are less cheaper than gas heaters
  • Electric water heaters are comparatively easier to install
  • Electric heaters are relatively safer than gas heaters. This is due to the fact they don’t contain any combustible fluid that can leak or explode if it comes in contact with any sparks or flames
  • Gas water heating systems tend to lose heat via venting, thus electric systems are more energy efficient.

If you are looking for a new hot water system then you can easily buy electric hot water system online.

On the other hand, a gas hot water heating system takes the lead in the following ways

  • Gas heating systems generally last longer than electric systems
  • Gas heaters take lesser time than electric heaters to reheat water
  • An important factor to consider is that a gas hot water system will continue working during a power outage while an electric one won’t

Although solar and tank-less hot water systems are gaining popularity and are considered more energy efficient but water heaters that run on either natural gas or electricity are still more commonly used and also considered reliable as well. To sum it up, if your utility bill is higher than what you can afford then you should have a look at how much energy your water heating system is consuming and consider replacing it with a newer, more efficient one because when it comes to decreasing your energy consumption, every unit counts.

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