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An Insight On Door Locks, Safes And Keys.

Everyone wants to feel secure at home. Whether you are living alone or with other people, security is one critical area that you cannot afford to compromise. A study shows that burglars strike every 21 seconds. So instead of focusing so much on decorating your home, make sure you have taken up the initiative to set up the necessary security measures first before moving to other things. A vast number of break-ins reported are done through the front door. Most locks are made from steel. The disadvantage of steel locks is that it can be easily drilled open. In the market today the best locks are made from brass or hardened steel. 

Types Of Door Locks And Handles. 

There are many types of locks in the market today. When you want to purchase locks the options in the market can be a bit overwhelming. The most common are deadbolts, padlocks, levers and knob locks. Padlocks are the only type of locks that are not permanently attached to anything. Padlocks are most recognized among all locks. Padlocks are mainly divided into two categories namely: Keyed and combination. 

Deadbolts are another type of locks. They are generally attached to the external door. Deadbolts come in three varieties. This is lockable thumbturn, single and double. You will find deadbolts commonly in use by American homes. They are easy to use and also instrumental in securing your door. 

Knob locks are mostly found in residential areas. They are used mainly in addition to the deadbolts. This is because it is not advisable to use Knob locks alone for external door security. This is because it can be easily be broken by a hammer or by use of pliers. As long as you are using it with the deadbolts, then you can rest easy. When purchasing a knob lock make sure you get the proper backset handedness. Lever Handle locks are mostly installed for inner doors in residential and commercial areas. They have a much larger pushdown. They are characterized by different functions Abloy and models. 

Types Of Safes In The Market. 

The market today offers a wide range of safes for home and living. A good example is a locksmith houston tx which shares knowledge on safes and locks. Wall Safes are usually built into walls. They offer good protection from thieves. They are narrow so that they may fit in between your wall studs. They are concealed by wall paintings and bookshelves. Most people use these safes for the storage of important documents and currencies. 

Freestanding safes are another type of safes. Anyone can afford them because they are relatively cheap compared to wall safes. Usually, they are heavy and bulky but also effectively resistant to fire and are also deterrent to burglars. There are many more types including Fire Safes, Floor Safes, Gun Safes, Diversion Safes and many more. 

Many facilities specialize in locks safety and handle today. These companies offer full services for residential and commercial needs. Before purchasing make sure you are buying from a licensed and authorized company.

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