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Commercial Chain Link Fencing, A Wise Choice

It is said, “Good fences make good neighbors.” This statement has a lot to do with various reasons why a business owner or homeowner would want to have a fence around their property. Some of these reasons are as follows. 

. To enhance safety by keeping unwanted people and animals outside property lines 
. To enhance safety by setting boundaries for children and pets 
. To enhance the privacy of the property owners 
. Fences increase property value 

Chain Link Fence Styles and Designs 

Fences come in many different styles such as chain link, wood, and vinyl. The least expensive of these types of fences is the chain link variety. The most popular commercial chain link fencing seattle wa offers. The chain link fence has several different styles and types. They are as follows. 

. Chain Link 
. Wire Mesh 
. Chain Wire 
. Diamond Mesh 
. Hurricane 
. Cyclone 

Galvanized steel wire is the material used in chain link fencing. Business owners can install a commercial chain link fence. However, making this project a DIY project is a challenging endeavor. The business owner is wise to call a fence contractor. A fence company can install a chain link fence more quickly than the property owner. There are no mistakes in measurements and installation when a fence contractor is called to do the job. Frequent mistakes can be made by property owners which in turn can cost the business owner more money and headache. When a property owner measures off the amount of fencing needed have a high risk for mistakes. Fence contractors measure off the fencing areas without error. 

Chain link fencing not only surrounds businesses but can surround basketball courts, tennis courts, baseball fields, parks, golf clubs, and much more. Business owners in Seattle, Washington who calls a fence contractor to install a new chain link fence around their property find the work done quickly and effectively with no mistakes made. There are height limits of generally six feet when a homeowner wants a chain link fence around their home. The contractor knows the city codes for that area and obtains all the necessary permits. A company owner generally does not have height limits. Chain link fences come in rolls. These rolls are available in 20-foot to 50-foot rolls. Business chain link fences come in four different heights as follows, seven feet, eight feet, ten feet, and, twelve feet types. These height options depend on the style of the chain fencing the property owner desires to have installed. 

The first thing that the fence contractor does is to measure the area. 
The second step is to dig holes in the ground for the posts. Posts come in different options such as steel, timber, or concrete. Fence posts can set snugly into the ground and anchored, or the fence installer may fill in the holes with quick-drying cement and then lower the post through the cement. These posts are set no further than 10-foot intervals. 

After the posts are firmly set, the fence attaches to the first post and anchored and stretched to the next post and anchored, and so forth. The fence contractor uses aluminum wire to tie the mesh fence to the posts. In most cases, the bottom part of the fence has horizontal rails between the posts versus tension wires. Chain link fencing is made with a galvanized material to prevent rusting of the metal and into a weaving design.


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