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Which Freightliner Shall I Choose

I have been a truck driver for several years, seven to be exact. My first year of trucking was quite exciting. Adrenaline raced through my veins with every new destination set to deliver. Traveling from the north, south, east and west I noticed something became very common as I stared through the large windshield of my truck. Do all trucking companies equip their fleets with Freightliner trucks? Feeling compelled to ask myself this question left me with no choice after seeing Freightliner after Freightliner pass by. On top of all I observed my loaded trailer was being delivered with a brand-new Cascadia Freightliner. Most would think delivering loaded trailers with new Freightliners would be more effective then delivering loaded trailers with used freightliner trucks for sale. Although the answer should be easy, I’ve witnessed and experienced more mechanical breakdowns in new Freightliners versus used Freightliner trucks.

Used Freightliner trucks seem as if they have been driven long enough to work out any hidden kinks. Most drivers can appreciate a clean new truck, but the majority would love to keep moving with that used Freightliner truck while their salary increases. More drivers today are beginning to learn the results are better than the new look. If purchasing used Freightliner trucks, I would aim between the years of 2006 and 2007. These years might grant you the benefit of not having to worry about a Def system on your truck. Def systems helps breakdown dangerous NOx emissions into harmless nitrogen and water.

These systems are very positive and good for nature, but they are very expensive to repair. A simple filter replacement can range from $2,500-$3,200 in maintenance, so if you’re an independent contractor as a driver this might be a huge cost you’ll want to avoid. Purchasing used Freightliner trucks may give you a better advantage at maximizing your revenue potential versus purchasing new Freightliner trucks. 

Some truck drivers feel the need to have a new Freightliner truck, to help them avoid any errors during a D.O.T inspection. D.O.T inspections are passed with flying colors all the time with used Freightliner trucks. This is all dependent upon preventive maintenance. Many drivers become complacent through they’re years of experience and began to lack not paying attention to their daily truck inspections. Having a new truck is a huge contribution towards this behavior. In no way I’m bias to having a new truck because some things do become much easier to deal with as truck driver, but they can be a headache just as well. Amazingly throughout the majority of my driving career I managed to keep a used truck and loved it no different from having a new truck. Somehow your truck becomes attached to you no matter new or used. If my opinion meant anything I would say the status quo just wants a good working truck to keep the bills paid, company happy, pedestrians safe and families smiling while driving through the sunset, rain, sleet or snow.


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