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How Painted Walls Can Help Your Child Develop Intelligence

In America, there are millions of children that struggle with their development. Some children have difficulty with learning and grasping ideas earlier on in their younger years and as time passes their difficulties are then noticed. There are some children who have difficulty with telling the left from right, have trouble learning their alphabets and numbers, have trouble remembering what it is that you asked them to do, have trouble understanding basic concepts, have a hard time understanding instructions, have difficulty learning shapes and color and even have trouble learning basic objects. Though, you cannot control how fast or slow your child develops, you may be able to assist them with encouraging their brain activity and development with simple colors. According to Essential Baby,constant exposure to a variety of colors have been known to assist children in impacting their mood, helping them stay productive, improve their learning, improve their ability to communicate effectively, improve their memory, bring out their creativity and may also enhance their intelligence. 

Referring to, studies have found that there are about more than 4 percent of children who fall between the ages of 2 and 11 that will experience a developmental delay. Surprisingly, boys are more likely to experience this than girls but medical experts still screen them equally. What many parents need to realize is that a child’s brain begins soaking up information about their external environment when they are just young infants. This means that everything they hear, everything they see and everything they touch allow them to learn and develop. Their brain begins to become hardwired to learn a specific way when they see colors that catch their attention. Color can help with memory, brain stimulation, alertness, emotions, focus, can improve their mood, and can also help them simply develop intelligence due to the constant brain activity they get from seeing colors. 

There continues to be study after study that supports the idea of how much color contributes to the intelligence of a child. It begins from there earlier years and tends to affect them in a long-term. If you have a child in the home that is currently in their younger years, you may want to consider adding color to their walls. Colored walls that are full of a variety of color can help your child receive the exposure to colors on a consistent basis, encouraging them to develop and learn everyday they wake up. Take time to consider reaching out to a professional painter to assist you with having your children’s rooms painted. You can also conduct a general search online to find your nearest painter richmond va

Painting a children’s walls with a variety of color can only assist them in their development. If you have been thinking of ways you can help your child learn, this is a one-way that has been proven to be effective. Reach out to your nearest professional painter to help you get the job done today.


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