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How to Prevent Bed Bugs from Invading Your Home

If you’ve ever experienced bed bugs, then perhaps even the thought of them makes your skin crawl. If you have never had bed bugs or visited a hotel with bed bugs, then you probably want to keep it that way. It’s a tremendously unpleasant experience. The interesting thing about bed bugs is that they thrive in the kind of environment that’s found in many homes. Sometimes, even with a lot of effort, bed bugs show up and seemingly refuse to go away. However, there are ways to prevent your home from becoming their dwelling place. 

Bed bugs are known for hiding out in crevices and other places where you might not see them unless you are specifically looking for them. Despite their name, bed bugs are not always found in beds. They can be found in other types of furniture, as well as non-furniture items. For example, some people have reported finding bed bugs in the creases of books. This might be a good reason to choose eBooks or contact bed bug control Minneapolis MN. There are a variety reasons why you should choose professional help. For one, it’s sometimes hard to know if the problem that you’re experiencing is bed bugs or something else. Experts in the industry who see bed bugs often have a way of figuring it out pretty quickly. 

Interestingly, bed bugs tend to use power outlets to hideout, which is also a way in which they can spread. It’s beneficial to cover your electrical outlets as part of a bed bug prevention program. Incidentally, one way that you’ll know if you have bed bugs, other than actually seeing them, is by finding their droppings. Bed bug droppings are little dots that are dark in color. If you happen to come across actual bed bugs or their droppings, then you should deal with the problem right away, or it will get worse. 

A lot of stories about bed bugs tend to arise when people travel, which is for obvious reasons. Chief among those reasons is the fact that hotel rooms and other places where you find travelers are statistically more likely to attract bed bugs because there are inhabited by a greater number of people who can easily transfer them. Although it can be hard to think about, all hotel rooms have had a lot of guests, with varying degrees of cleanliness – hotels change the sheets, but the mattress has probably been there for a long time. One way to combat bed bugs and protect yourself from them when traveling is to keep your clothing and personal items in a vacuum-sealed bag. 

Storing your clothing in a vacuum-sealed bag isn’t just a good idea when traveling, it’s something that you can do at home too. For example, you can store blankets and seasonal clothing so that they are protected until you’re ready to use them again. This method can be employed for just about any clothing in your home. This method can also provide more storage space since vacuum-sealing removes the air, which reduces the size.


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