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Learn the Technique to Accelerate and Brake A Car Safely

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Braking might seem to be one of the easiest things to do while driving, but indeed it is the toughest one. Most of the vehicles have active safety features for assisting the drivers while they are driving. Only hard acceleration can lead to burning up of fuel and giving stress to the tire.

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The basics of accelerating

Acceleration puts pressure on the tires and suspension and the forces are considered the strongest when combined with high engine revs. After the car is in motion, you can decrease as you maintain with the acceleration. There are ways of accelerating smoothly:

  • Maintaining pressure on the accelerator when you are pushing it down
  • Releasing the accelerator with ease and avoiding the sudden lifting of the foot.
  • Applying pressure gently to the accelerator without jabbing it.

Accelerating at the speed

Accelerating takes place when you want to run your car at a faster speed, mostly to overcome some vehicles or avoiding harsh road accidents.

  • Avoiding sudden acceleration that can cause the wheel to spin
  • Steady acceleration without any kind of jerky movements
  • Releasing the accelerator after reaching the desired speed.

Basic rules of braking that one should know

The first rule stands to avoid sudden braking so, avoid situations causing sudden emergency brakes. Braking slowly gives comfortable rides preventing the weight transfers from the front and rear view of the vehicles. If you learn the techniques of skillfully breaking your car, then it comes to stop without tipping on the suspension.

Using of hand breaks

You can use hand brakes also to normal conditions mostly in three cases:

  • Parking your car
  • When it comes temporarily to a stop
  • If you are stopping in traffic and remain like that for quite some time

Rules of emergency breaking

Emergency braking comes to a point when you want to bring the car to a halt suddenly. The new vehicles come with anti-lock braking systems preventing wheel locking during hand braking or even emergencies –

  • Apply brakes with full force so that the car doesn’t go forward
  • Turn the steering wheel for avoiding any collision and avoiding jerking on one side
  • If you are manually driving your car then do not engage with the emergency braking. The engine itself instills in the car slowing down.

Advanced braking techniques

There are additional braking techniques available as well that are used by professional drivers improving the car performances in so many scenarios.


Accelerating and braking are important suddenly when you are driving. Learn the basics well and only then there will be no fear in your mind. Apply accelerator when necessary and if needed apply the brakes.

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